This is Me

I’m a passionate and award-winning filmmaker & Photographer. I lead projects with an open mind and full understanding of my targets from consumers to client needs. I’ve worked with some of the greatest people in the media and entertainment industry, from TV, film and to photography personalities and more. I’m the go-to one-stop person that you as an agency, a company or an individual can rely on for a project of any size.

I’ve worked on a lot of cool local & International brands including HSBC, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, The British Embassy, Philips, Microsoft, Nissan, L’Oreal, Samsung and much more. In addition to my love for agency-level productions, I also do wedding documentations, be it in photography or video. I’ve adopted a cinematic style through my productions due to my love for human emotions. I try my best to keep things as natural as possible; nothing beats an untouched, true and honest moment.

I currently work as a freelancer and get commissioned on job basis. Contact me with your inquiries and I would be more than happy to help. :)